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  • Foodie, Sound Healing artist with a 3-year Culinary Arts Diploma as a Chef, Certified Life Coach (with MindStream Dublin Ireland ) and a few more holistic wellness certs!
  • ´╗┐Passionate food influencer, professional Festival Manager and Producer (STC Dublin), kitchen team, marketing / social media expert on a mission is to create buzz and more demand for vegan food and products.
  • I combine holistic life and healing, with food events and vegan lifestyle!

Hey there, I'm Katy Morgan, the dynamic force behind thriving vegan community between 2017-2021.

In Dublin, I was the heart and soul of numerous incredible vegan events and festivals, where I showcased the best of cruelty-free dining. One of my proudest achievements was founding and head organizing the highly acclaimed Vegan Foodie Festival. This groundbreaking event wasn't just about food; it was about celebrating a lifestyle and inspiring others to join the movement towards a more compassionate world.

But my festivals weren't just about food; they were about so much more. They were about promoting veganism as a lifestyle choice, demonstrating how easy and delicious it is to eat plant-based. Through my events, I shone a spotlight on businesses that shared my vision, showcasing their offerings and inspiring others to embrace a more compassionate way of living.

My efforts garnered attention from prestigious platforms like LiveKindly (read here), National Irish TV (The 6 O'clock show) , and various press magazines (go here to see PRESS), who recognized me as a driving force in the vegan movement. Radio interviews about my festivals further emphasized the impact of our community-driven events, sparking curiosity and enthusiasm among a broader audience.

And when London called, I eagerly answered, bringing my passion and expertise to the heart of the city's vibrant vegan scene. Whether collaborating with like-minded individuals or sharing mouth watering recipes, I continue to champion the cause of compassionate living and culinary excellence.

Whether in Dublin or London, my mission remains unchanged: to make veganism accessible, exciting, and irresistible to all.

So, whether you've seen me at a festival, on TV, or flipping burgers in the kitchen, know that I'm committed to creating a world where kindness and deliciousness go hand in hand. Join me on this flavorful adventure, and let's make a difference together!

If you need to boost your business, increase visibility, or simply a helping hand in the kitchen or your cafe, rest assured that bringing me on board is a fantastic idea. I'll not only assist you in cooking and preparing delicious food but also create engaging social media content and generate buzz around your offerings. Additionally, I specialize in organizing events that bring people together, further amplifying your reach and impact. Let's work together to take your business to new heights!